Welcome to Friends of Pōmaikaʻi

Vision: “Inspire Arts as a Blessing for All”

Mission: To connect students, educators, and our community to our ʻāina through the arts


If we want our children to take care of our ʻāina, then we need to teach them to love our place.


Our children thrive in arts based learning!


We believe that our students, teachers,
and community deserve rich arts experiences:
“Inspire Arts as a Blessing For All” 

How Friends of Pōmaikaʻi supports ʻāina & arts:

Empowering students and educators through innovative arts & ‘āina learning is complex and we know how to do it!

We support our model arts & ʻāina  integrated school, Pōmaikaʻi Elementary in Kahului, Hawaii with their innovative learning endeavors

Friends of Pōmaikaʻi Classroom education in the Garden

We impact classrooms all over by engaging educators in high quality arts integration professional development, taught by outstanding national and local teaching artists

Friends of Pōmaikaʻi Engaging Educators in Arts Integration

We enliven and inspire ʻāina learning in our local and global community through sharing our innovative projects and performances

Friends of Pōmaikaʻi Innovative Learning with Melinda Caroll


  • Strengthens creative problem solving (the highest level of thinking skills)
  • Builds communication and collaboration skills
  • Makes learning joyful!

ʻĀina Learning:

  • Connects our children to nature and active learning outdoors
  • Deepens appreciation for their special place
  • Develops value for healthy lifestyles and growing food

How do the arts work in classrooms?

The arts are powerful connectors. We learn with our “heads,” we connect with our hearts, and we create with our hands, our bodies & our voices. Arts learning engages our entire body and brain together!

Imagine classrooms where children are:

  • Writing poetry and songs about symbiotic relationships of nature’s species
  • Dramatizing Kahoʻolawe’s devastation of ʻāina and culture
  • Carefully recording observations of their garden in science journals, applying contour line drawings
  • Painting with pigments from plants and flowers to discover how nature colors our Earth
  • Dancing the carbon cycle to explore life’s systems